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08:50-09:15    Solving conic linkage problems in stochastic optimization and stochastic variational inequality: splitting plus decoupling

                          孙 捷  科廷大学/皇冠体育-皇冠体育app-新皇冠体育

09:15-09:40    Support vector machine classifier via L0/1 soft-margin loss

                          修乃华  北京交通大学

09:40-10:05    Solving heated oil pipelines problems via mixed integer nonlinear programming approach

                          戴彧虹  中国科学院数学与系统科学研究院 (国家杰青)

10:20-10:45    Data re-representation methods in machine learning

                          郭田德  中国科学院大学

10:45-11:10    A Lagrange based approximation solution to the unit commitment problem

                          邢文训  清华大学

11:10-11:35    Stochastic approximation proximal method of multipliers for convex stochastic programming

                          张立卫  大连理工大学

11:35-12:00    A discriminative projection and representation-based classification framework for face recognition

                          彭 拯  湘潭大学 

13:30-13:55    Sequence submodular maximization meets streaming

                          徐大川  北京工业大学

13:55-14:20    Discriminative information-based nonparallel support vector machine

                          王宜举  曲阜师范大学

14:20-14:45    Discrete relaxation method for triple patterning lithography layout decomposition

                          朱文兴  福州大学

14:45-15:10    Optimization algorithms for fractional programming problems

                          申培萍  河南师范大学

15:10-15:35    Perturbation analysis of metric regularity

                          何诣然  四川师范大学

15:35-16:00    A joint matrix minimization approach for seismic wavefield recovery

                          王丽平  南京航空航天大学

16:15-16:40    部分函数未知的均衡问题的分解算法

                          韩德仁  北京航空航天大学 (国家杰青)

16:40-17:05    A sparse group lasso convex clustering and its fast optimization algorithm

                          孔令臣  北京交通大学

17:05-17:30    Efficient algorithms for low-rank matrix optimization

                          文再文  北京大学 (国家优青)

17:30-17:55    Tight sublinear convergence rate of the proximal point algorithm

                          杨俊锋  南京大学(国家优青)

17:55-18:10    Inertial proximal strictly contractive Peaceman-Rachford splitting method with an indefinite term for convex optimization

                          邓 钊  西安电子科技大学



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